Textile Chemicals


Maxim Specialty focuses on offering the eco-friendly textile chemical solution to the textile industry that reduces the uses of highly polluting chemicals. We are known for offering the entire range of textile chemicals starting from yarn dyeing, thread production, production of human-made fibre, digital printing, dyeing auxiliaries, fabric processing. It even includes chemicals for products for printing or the knits and denim made from various fibers like viscose, wool, lycra, silk, nylon, polyester, linen, jute, hemp etc. The chemical products that we offer include dyeing, printing, finishing, pre-treatment and other special textile chemicals.

In the pre-treatment, various textile chemicals are used for cleaning purposes; however, in dyeing, chemicals are used for adding color to the textile. In the textile printing process, chemicals are used for applying in the definite design and the finishing process we get the knitted cloth

  • Anti Scalant
  • Flocculants
  • Viscosity Reducer
  • Fixing Agent
  • Dye Fixing Agent
  • Color Removal Aid
  • Effluent Treatment Chemicals

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