Tissue Chemicals


Manufacturing tissue paper requires different chemical and adhesives in order to produce better quality products. From defoaming agents for the pulp washing system to water-soluble resins which are used as thickeners, Maxim has it all. Our chemicals will ensure exceptional premium quality tissue products that guarantee customer satisfaction. Our team of researchers and expert work hard to deliver top-quality water-dispersing emulsions and tissue chemicals that will enhance the end product in many ways. Our chemicals and products are designed to improve efficiency in the manufacturing process and bring about a significant reduction in refining time and electrical costs. If you want to ensure the tissue paper has a soft and smooth handle, then Maxim is the way to go. Here’s a quick look at your services:

  • Retention Aid
  • Wet Strength Resin
  • Dry Strength Resin (DSR)
  • Anti-Foam
  • Biocide and Slimicide
  • Softener/Debonder
  • Fabric Cleaning
  • Broke Repulping
  • Defoamer
  • Deposit Control
  • Biocides

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