Living with such a high population, the need and use of disinfectants have undoubtedly become a part of life during this pandemic situation of COVID’19. Keeping ourselves safe by wearing masks, applying sanitizers and using best-quality alcohol-based disinfectants, is the only option with everyone in these tough times. We, at Maxim, provide you with the best and most affordable disinfectants for your safety and protection. When you choose Maxim’s disinfectants you make the choice to stay safe and healthy by using the most effective products in the market. Our range of disinfectants will kill 99.9% germs and leave you with a safe and bacteria-free surfac.

Our Disinfectant Product Range is sold under MAXGAURD Brand. Maxgaurd is a registered trademark of Maxim Specialty Chemicals Pvt Ltd.

  • MaxGaurd 101 (Surface Disinfectant Outdoor)
  • MaxGaurd 201 (Surface Disinfectant Indoor)
  • MaxGaurd 301 (Laundry Disinfectant)
  • MaxGaurd 401 (Multipurpose)
  • MaxGaurd 501 (Tunnel Sanitation)
  • MaxGaurd 601 (Vegetables & Fruits)

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