Cooling Water Treatment


The cooling water treatment is the arrangement where modern technologies are known for removing the impurities that are there in feed water and circulation water of cooling towers. The component that should be used in the cooling tower depends on the quality of feed water, and chemistry of the circulatory water.

The basis system of cooling water treatment includes chemical feed, clarification, ion exchange, automated monitoring, filtration and ultrafiltration and softening. The cooling tower water treatment is known for regulating the level of chlorides, hardness, iron, alkalinity, silica, sulfate, organic matter, TDS and TSS in water. Applications like air-conditioning system, water-cooling equipment and general manufacturing needs are there in the cooling tower.

Maxim offers the following chemical program for cooling operation

  • Corrosion and Deposit Control
  • Inorganic Fouling Control
  • Microbial Control

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